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About US

In 2022, troubling reports from the U.S. media highlighted the struggles faced by Black, Indigenous, and people of color in accessing suitable sperm donors due to a scarcity of BIPOC donors. Moved by these stories, the team at African Wood Inc. took action, launching the – FertAfrica®. FertAfrica® – is an Online Fertility Platform connecting Africa's leading fertility clinics and sperm donors in Africa with recipients in the United States and Canada— African Sourced Sperms program. Our mission is simple: to deliver state-of-the-art fertility care in a setting that addresses our patients' physical, emotional, and financial needs while prioritizing their best interests in all business and clinical decisions.

FertAfrica® is dedicated to enhancing our patients' overall experience and pregnancy outcomes, a commitment that reflects our pursuit of excellence. From the outset, we have prioritized the recruitment of top-tier professionals, including physicians, laboratory directors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare specialists, to ensure the highest level of patient care.

We invite Kenyan healthcare clinics, collection and fertility centers, and health tourism providers to join us in our endeavor to empower individuals and couples in their fertility journey. By partnering with FertAfrica®, you will be part of a network that fosters diversity and inclusivity in reproductive health, addressing underserved communities' needs for too long. Let us work together to create a brighter future for families in Kenya and beyond.

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